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          Buddhist Temple


        On May 2, 2015, temple members participated in our inaugural Tsukimi or Moon Viewing.   Amid clear skies and a bright, full moon, we ate, drank, talked stories, sang songs, and had a real good time.  Below are samples of poems written by people inspired by the full moon:

            “See the full moon shine,

              Reflections of kind faces,

              Harmony prevails” ....   Jenny

“With the shrill voices of singing,

The moon sneaks through the eastern sky,

People gather round the telescope,

To see the rabbit pounding mochi”

                                                ..... Helene

            “I saw a golden moon,

            Bright, golden, yellow,

            It made my night so sublime,

            Fulfilled and mellow” .... Helen

            “Full moon enchanting,

            Imagination runs wild,

            To lover’s delight” .... Gary

            “Where is my bee-ru,

            I think it’s in my cooler,

            I better get it”  .... Adrian


                        Welcome    ようこそ。

Thank you for visiting Waipahu Hongwanji’s website.  We hope you find it informative and useful.  New members are always welcomed.  We look forward to seeing you at our temple services and activities.

“... and may we all attain the perfect peace.”    Golden Chain


                           May 2015

May 3:   No Services

May 10:   Baccalaureate Service

May 17:   Gotan-E

                 Japanese Service:  7 a.m.

                English Service:  8:30 a.m.

                    Guest Speaker:  Rev. Hiromi Kawaji

May 24:   Memorial Day Service

                8:30 a.m.

                            June 2015

June 12-14:   Dharma School Trip to Kauai

                           July 2015

July 10 & 11:   Waipahu Hongwanji Bon Dance






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